Monday, November 30, 2009

Master-baiting repo dickheads 3

3. What is it like to be continually unwelcome? What is it like to be always pretending to be going home when driving his car or her truck, but knowing that, truly, there lacks destination? Geometry suggests of straight lines that you are forever going away from home. This state of perpetual unwelcomeness does not seem eased by the driving of his car or her truck. I ask of these things because I wonder, aloud, about causality: What compels a state of perpetual unwelcomness into being, as a choice of future being rather than a starting point (such as poverty)?

The movement of dollar bills, possession of dollar bills, but specifically, a sense of belonging to the chain of dollar-bill movement, is temporary motion. Surely this is clear.

But perhaps the driving of his car or her truck, that is, to be continually unwelcome, is confused with food, shelter, and family.

To understand the separateness of these things is also to understand the snowplow of big fat cocks he and she wish to inject you with as you drive his car and her truck away from home.

But this misunderstanding on their part: dickheads cannot be injected with cocks, though it is always dickheads they wish to inject. Instead they must cum prematurely and wither.

This is much like the master-baiting done by the Los Angeles Police Department. This word, "baiting," suggests an initial intention which is to lure. This seems especially dishonest because dicks and pussies are easily lured. An ethical boundary is penetrated because all Los Angeles Police Officers are forever fighting the urges of either their dicks or her pussy.

Usually we are in line waiting. This happens so often that probably once a day there is a pussy ahead of us in line we may have the pleasure of having temporarily and in secret, on the house, for our wait. But our having it is not an intention of the pussy, so it is not "baiting." What these dickheads do with pussies is ratchet rims to her clitoris, splay her on the counter and say in succession:

Stick your fingers in my cunt.
Stick your fingers in my cunt.
Stick your fingers in my cunt.
Stick your fingers in my cunt.

Dickheads do not have fingers, they are uniformly obelisks or rhino horns, so they are not lured by this specific configuration of words, and thus must be separate of the baiting.

But when the dickheads take off their uniforms surely it is clear fingers are involved again. What if the baited one was a dickhead without a uniform? Or, more probably, what if we are all dickheads either with or without uniforms? How do we reconcile?

Regardless, it is clear there will be dicks and there will be cumming on.