Monday, October 31, 2011

A Fox as Autumn Ends

Pressure in the head, pushing out ideas like chocolate pudding running down the sideburns like dark tears, can't remember anything that way. Crippled with sickness dragging on in the night the most positive thing anyone's said in years. Winter's on, coming on like a fleeing of lovers into shadows into the crooks of trees nestled like foxes which one will not find at midnight dragging on past sidewalks, the wind has moved in and pushed lovers to the fringes, beneath the trees. Roots dragging from the cuffs of our jeans, scraping down past sidewalks. Lovers nestle beneath us, we are unrooted, through our bark up moves the pressure to our heads, and we forget. If we could be lovers, we could flee into shadows. Foxes digging for warmth in dirty lovers' holes. Oh what a sight if one could see foxes in shadows, nestled in dirty holes one could not stop talking on about it. Chocolate pudding pushed from the ears, running down the whiskers to forget like dark tears. Find me, oh find me if you can. Don't give up so easy it makes me sad if you give up I can see you dragging past sidewalks at midnight and there is a pressure in my head, and I see now the night builds pressure in the wind and it is us, this winter that is coming.