Friday, July 23, 2010

The Way You Taste

Radio lines hum hum hum in the rain the way we slide into black sea crests, AM frequency 3AM frequency hums in the cones centrifuge like God's last ugly firestorm, firestorm hits the sea and it's oily Hell lighting up the curves in your cheeks is that a smile? i like it when you smile do you like it when i smile or does it remind you too much of the hanging in the street the way fireworks lit up that woman's last look at the neighbor's dog what a fucking awful thing to see before you die even if it was a good dog, he always was a good dog, we understood each other that way and that's what i like about you listening to Dylan and trying to forget the death under the skin but it isn't working so we'll just hold each other now and listen to the hum hum hum of radio lines that draw us together in chorus.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Architecture

Panorama wide open horizon of burning skin pink and brown and swaying this way forever against the shore. Silhouette black as dogs of the thin bone of a steel forearm rusted up high against wisps of twilit days past, and I wonder. I wonder how easy that bone breaks, wonder how many stories it builds concrete rib cage where you look some day from the window. But the color is behind you now, you look east now, and you can't go back there because nobody looks at paintings anymore and someone told you that one day and you wanted to shove your knuckles through every canvas just to stand back and take the hole with you. Wherever you go, wherever you end up, wherever we set down our architecture. That's where the touch is reaching and what's really beautiful is the way the sun never sets against your pupils like that's where it used to be. That's where the touch is reaching and that's where the dirt roads all lead every dirt road if you follow long enough, wherever you go, wherever you end up, wherever we set down.