Thursday, July 7, 2011


Finally I'm gone. The waiting is everything. The waiting, think it out. One thought in front of the first. We were supposed to be friends. Supposing drives disappointment and if that's a quid abstract if that isn't enough because it never can be enough. Picture the edge of tallest building and stand there and look up I am rising. Sun tears you up where did I go oh where am I this time, where am I. Blindness especially in children is difficult and now you know a difficult fact about life so you can survive it. Fuck it as copulators say. Throw it away. Take what makes it great and burn intensely for one moment. Then finally you are gone. Oh they will cry for you, the crying they have held secret in your presence all this time. So much time. Don't blame them laugh simply. They have lack of words and they know at last like waterfalls entering gaping mouths and swelling throats there is nothing of value to be said when, finally, we are gone.