Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Ubiquitous Smoking of Cigarettes

I am very embarrassed and exhausted by this falling away. Think of wordfucking like the spaces are really penises and the non-spaces are like a woman's pubic hair, ravenously rubbing. And think of this wordfucking as happening, happening, happening always always happening. Think of me as the skin of the spaces, sensitive to the attack but never vocal of it.

I feel apologetic to this end, as one who loves the oppressor might kiss him deeply and with tongue. You might shout, is the tongue necessary? To shout such a thing is understandable. But you cannot shout after asking, because the answer is yes, and it is stupid to yell about the truth. The tongue is a form of physical silence. Understand?

Good. Then you understand the source of my embarrassment, and also of my exhaustion. My mouth is sore and words become difficult. This difficulty is compounded, because of the wordfucking that is happening, happening, happening always always happening.