Monday, November 30, 2009

Re-run, as if Wishing to be Circular 2

2. It is this way, a drunken and bright-lighted bar where growth of the spirit is possible. Cheers then Frasier. Roseanne then a more capable, more wise and more decisively forceful (like passenger train) Roseanne in which Becky has become more beautiful so beautiful she's almost a different Becky, but we know better. These things, drunk, growing, happen in tiredly 2 a.m. brightness, like graveyard halo, in a period of weeks, months, childhoods. It is the drunkenness of sleepless wanting. Our spirits are hungry! And exhaustion also is needing sustenance.

Why, I write sternly, do the networks replay these re-runs of our drunkenness at midday? Why ever repeat repetition of programming? The way leftovers grab and rip off our testicles. Remembering the orgasmic dinner (itself a remake, thus the writing of recipes) becomes like remembering God. Remembering God is like remembering fucking, neither of which is at all like am fucked or, simply, am.

In conclusion, please do not continue to play these shows before 1 a.m. or after 3 a.m. These times specifically are crucial. Without them witticism, and also profoundness, dull and become a shade of grey.

I cannot eat a turkey sandwich while observing a shade of grey, because the turkey itself becomes grey, and as you know my stomach is a chameleon.