Friday, June 8, 2012

Ursa of Аляска

One Kodiak bear says to another Kodiak bear, "Why do we kill the defenseless animals that hop around the woods?"

The other Kodiak bear looks up at her confused.  She doesn't even realize there's blood all over her snout!

"Actually," the second bear says, "we mostly feed on Salmon, and rarely attack the woodland species such as deer or goats.  If we eat their meat, they're usually already dead from the winter."

The first bear looks skeptical.  "Then why do you have so much blood on your face?"

"Oh, that," says the second.  "You see, we all have that."  And it's true! The first bear has blood on her snout!

"How is this possible?" says the first.

Says the second, "Because it saves us the trouble of confessing later on."

So both bears stand among the trees under the northern borealis, emerald and pink, like fresh salmon arching through the sky. One has only to look up at the salmon of the sky, and easily forgets the blood matting the fur of the bears' snouts, as do they.