Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The power goes out

The Earth grows dark. Well, what is there to do? We could go extinct. Or panic, loot and horde munitions, murder. We could conquer what is left in the black night. But that is uninteresting. Unoriginal--we've done that already. We could dream. Dreaming is a bit of old hat, but at least there are possibilities for novelty. Endlessly so. Yet dreaming seems somehow unproductive, or an irresponsible use of our time. Well then, we could go about making light. But that seems unlikely. Not anytime soon. Or perhaps the dark is an end, and there is nothing to be done. Dusks and dawns have for too long been regarded as givens. It's time we learned what we've been taking for granted all these mornings&evenings. Yet for those who've stopped to look at a pink sun setting on a gulf of green waves, it's unlikely this thing that looks so much like another world is being taken for granted. It seems unlikely that our fragile incubation, circling one behemoth spherical incinerator of billions, wouldn't still excite (or horrify) us. Can it even be said that we deserve this darkness of the planet Earth? We can always hope that it is an eclipse. If it is an eclipse, we will have learned something about ourselves. Even if what we've learned isn't entirely clear, and anchors upon the image of a corona. But could it really be said that we haven't learned about ourselves already? So we are left with this question, then. Unanswered. Unanswerable. The Earth is dark. At least maybe we can make up our minds about God--but probably not.