Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plot holes in Futurama

Bender's tie is magnetic as he rides along the starship Titanic, but this cannot be. Magnets dig into his subconscious like a finger leaving a hole when it is plucked free, leaving only show tunes to play viciously as he swings about like a sad Disney creation, trapped along the side of a track where grubby-fingered children point from passing railcars. But he is not trapped in a Disney ride, he lives in a world where jokes upon jokes cover up his friend's, his only friend's shattered timeline. And so in this moment he is not himself, though he is in love with the robot countess who is funny because she is Rose from the movie Titanic and this is funny because we can understand, we can relate to this, though we cannot because the robot countess stretches infinitely into a black hole, neither living nor dying (says Schrodinger). And so love is lost, God is dead (says Nietzsche) and so what do we make of Bender's tie. This tie that goes unexplained, that cannot penetrate his love in this moment, that cannot leave a hole. What do we make of a world without holes.