Thursday, May 31, 2012

Understanding different languages

An Argentinian chaco tortoise (Chelonoidis petersi) and the Patagonian mara (or Patagonian hare--Dolichotis patagonum) competed in un maratón. The Argentine people placed their bets. 

"Eres un animal muy lento," said Patagonian mara.  "¿Cómo vas a ganar?" 

"Vamos, vamos Argentina," chanted the Argentine people. "Vamos, vamos a ganar..."

"No puedo ganar la carrera," said the tortoise (Chelonoidis petersi). 

"...que esta barra quilombera," regaled the Argentine people.

"¿Perdón?" said the Dolichotis patagonum (Patagonian mara/hare). "¿Por qué me persigues?"

"No te deja, no te deja de alentar!" concluded the Argentine people.

 "Porque," said the rival of Patagonian mara (hare), "Años más tarde, de todas las personas que pasaren por tus huesos--despues que la gente ha tomado tu piel para calentarse--I will be the only one to understand your goal in running."