Friday, May 18, 2012

Symposium, expanding & contracting

Buddhists and Whitman say the body unlocks the universe, the cosmos, the searing yolk of the spiral. One Armstrong said, what a wonderful world, the other said it was one giant leap. Scientists and Moby say "We are all made of stars." Jesus Christ's father once said let there be light, but only small islands of light in an empty dark. The sensation of falling that causes you to jerk in bed, though you have not fallen, is called a hypnagogic myoclonic twitch. Doctors call vertigo a sensation of movement when one is still, and psychiatrists call the fear that rushes over one looking into the sky, thinking how easily they might fall into it without clutching blades of grass Anablephobia, but mathematicians say the Earth's equator spins at a constant 1,670 kilometers per hour circling the sun at 924,704.922 kilometers per hour and our sun travels 72,000 kilometers per hour and the Milky Way at 2,155,233.484 kilometers per hour. The speed of the universe is unknown, but it is unlikely for one to become still. Galileo said Earth revolves around the sun. Nihilists suggest we're circling the drain. Though Niels Bohr argues that nothing exists until measured. Measurement is a culinary art and food does a body good, but who can tell which is better, to consume or be consumed?