Monday, May 21, 2012

halogen eulogy

After all, the night is not a thing but an absence of things, and what is an absence but something we cannot allow to seep into us, or rather, we cannot allow the things that are in us to seep out. That's why to look up at night is the same as to look down from the night, like a still summer lake tucked into blackness, stars above and below the surface. At one's will it is not night, it is florescent day. Let there be not night! Yet we cannot stay awake. Not for too long. And if we do manage to keep awake until dawn, we will sleep through the sunlit day into the florescent day, and soon there will be only an absence of things which we mistake for the thing we so feared losing. We will not even realize it is missing, so long will we have obscured the shadow of night. All the while we will tell ourselves it is a thing, this absence of shadow. But we are confusing terminology here, just misinterpreting two halves of a loss.