Saturday, June 25, 2011

Primitive Flight

Aftereffects are detrimental to one's health according to the labels provided by the FDA provided in pamphlets provided in the seat back provided you are seated with the seatbelt fastened dinner provided headphones provided sexual organs not included eating out eating in eating up in flight cinema critics boo and throw chicken bones at the steward who rides disgrunteled onto the air via inflatable slide and subsequently dies several minutes later yellow is also the color of a banana and a banana is also slide shaped but a monkey would never ever under any circumstances ride a banana for 40,000 downwards feet monkeys are prone to go up the aftereffects of which are also death with some bit of irony ha ha atmospheric reentry is a matter of personal spiritual preference when you choose a church and it requires oxygen from outside sources make sure the FDA isn't involved because monkeys never ever under any circumstances approve of oxygen from outside sources they have become suspicious of this sort of thing and if God is truly dead it may have something to do with aftermarket parts such as nosecones and heat shielding monkeys are funny that way.