Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Day in White

Another day in white
another day in white
Eat the day be gay if possible live life opposite of most
Burst any bubble that looks fragile weaknesses are
a way to deal so don't let the dealer lift a palm from the rivets
you might lose this hand if it's five card draw naw fuck it
grenade pin pick ya teeth got a few seconds unburned
maintaining of course rank and gender
It is best this way, keep appearances. Sell appearances but never give them away they will
fucking eat you alive or dyingdead.
Grill ya grill
If you don't get it there's another, homie
don't worry it's the game and the player burn em both a life.
On the street I should know right on the street we shoot niggas for shit like that man play hearts like a white boy but I am not a nigga man just a white boy with a little heart left, just enough to drag on just enough
Don't know nothin about losing heart in tough spots I don't know tough spots
don't know you but you seem alright but you look alright don't know but you bullshit alright caballeros and shit
stand up, hey
stand up if you got a foot or a toe or two a hold
run if you got a building sense of aftermarket open market green light a building sense of murdering after the first time it is difficult after the first time you've lost heart get shot for shit like that
Gentleman and cowards share a bathtub doesn't that make any sense
tired of communicating with you, sun rising on pink cut with shadow slivers of grass a moment of peace, please shut up a minute and look to see soon will be another day in white: