Sunday, June 26, 2011


Seems a lot of things are this way or that way. Okay to be plain spoken aint it. Hell I don't even know anymore what it's like to look one in the eye. Lost my edge is all, maybe get it back this time around with that .22 rifle we used to shoot at small hares and like. Rusty up in the shed humidity pushed us past 100 aint that a bitch what a bitch a shed with a rusty .22 rifle in 100 degree humidity can be dont they knowit this swamp is pressing at her seams and hell if any of us can be delicate and sew her up again before a bleedout or worse. Or worse? Hell worse, not a worse to or. Buckets are no good for sinking boats thats what all them movie fellers got it wrong buckets are little boats and fill em and therere more sinking ships its an unkind passing drowning but its a calm as butterscotch cream eternity with seaweed hair blowing like one of them commercials on the tv for shampoos douches tampons crackers yogurt macaroni Q-tips rubber vaginas dogfood catfood parrotfood babyfood elderlyfood maggotfood cereal fast cars slow cars cars that are sometimes fast and other times are slow national monuments women men who dress like women tambourines a parade a circus laundry soap dogs money televisions hair that flows like seaweed/something about the humidity makes one tired of all these commercials and but sometimes there are ones to sell you air conditioning units the size of sheds where .22 rifles are kept in perfectly rusty condition freon buckets/the ones for buckets must be the most creative because it is the most depressing of the products, so they speak plainly to the masses, "Don't you need a bucket? It's also a drum brrrra-pa-pap-pap and so on." A bucket is like most things, one supposes, even if it is not really a drum because how can a miniature sinking boat be rapped upon brrrra-pa-pap-pap and not papapapbrrrbrrrbrrrpapapap in a time of great hardship and loss. It, like most things, is this way but often that.