Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Things Between

Sky so white the eyes erase blue, red, orange, black, green, grey, from memory, from the atmosphere, from life, from death, from sunrise, from sunset, from the centers of pupils, from the tops of hands, from reflections on white gold bands, from afternoons, from rainstorms and beaches in wedding dresses, in nothing at all, in her, in love, in between, thighs, legs, fingers, pale, slick, sky so white atomic shadows of nudes genitals pressed together on the walls like hieroglyphics, explicit, pornographic, sky so white erasing everyone but two, bodies obliterated to particles and images, to essences of feelings, of an aftermath, a decimated pile of flesh melted onto a pile of sheets, sky so white, the eyes erase the ground beneath, gravity, cities, worn mattresses, stars, and the things between.