Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Applied Geometry

It is difficult to remember, is it not, is it not difficult to remember where digging through the bramble will end. It is difficult to see, looking up with thorny constellations to lead us north, where will it end. Wipe the frost from the window, a single swipe of vision, watch for me to emerge. Remember and I will remember you. Wait for me, you have a home with a window to keep in the candle light and to stop the cold and I cannot stand yet but to stand implies leaving and if I stay beneath the bramble and you stay behind the window we are point and counterpoint and perhaps someday I will emerge but that day, that day when I will stand on my own, and it is difficult to remember, we will not say goodbye because our juxtaposition will have us facing opposite directions and it will be difficult to see, whether it is north, or it is not north, and this is what our Lord must have thought when he lay a broken pathetic liar in the eyes of the one he loved. So you see, it is that you feel my absence on the tips of your fingers when you clear winter from the pane, and it is that I will imagine the candle casting shadows across the snow, and that the pattern we draw will not melt for some time.