Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will you let me die in step

Take the wind away from me take the cold away from me, I don't deserve the chill of your breath when you say those things. The signal between is rushed and maybe lines are down with living wires to destroy us. I can explode if you want me all over you, if it is the quickest way to travel one hundred miles in sunless morning quiets. What good are words in a good quiet. If God dont shut the hell up for once, if a Voice aught to be mute a while, let it inside, just let it in, a pause. A rest. Much needed, I know. I know you need it. Please let me take it from you, take the cold wind, you don't deserve those things I say. And if I miss you we can't be to blame now can we. Who the hell built all those roads anyway. And how can we close the gap, God, how can we close the gap. That space between where no one is being a clever atheist. And when we are each a leg and a lung count to three and we both step across the end and exhale together.