Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Matter of Conversation

Hey there missus can you tell me is that rain bursting down, I think that rain is bursting down. Hey mister is that wind in our hair or do thoughts elude us when we fall. Hey mother, when I suffer I'm more like you than ever. When I cause suffering I am attempting to escape you Father but with the understanding that I am certain to fail. This failure comforts me a blanket of soggy newspapers as the rain is bursting down. And hey there baby, do you know what it is to suffer for someone and can you teach me, you can teach me by lying there asleep beside me. Hey there baby I want to wake you but am unable my hands are clasped in prayer my feet bound and oh honey I want to wake you for my very own pleasure but am less selfish than I'd hoped. Oh doggie steamy puddles in summer streets mat your fur and can we compare the weight we carry after a storm when the rain lifts up again. Hey there doggie can I take you home with me, so I may at least stand taller than you who are burdened. Qué está passando a mi pisadas they are inaudible. Maybe I am not moving but it is only the sensation of drifting that grabs. Hey God, could I bother you to steady me. Could I bother you to spare some time for me to suffer, to feel the rain bursting down, it is a matter of conversation and questions for which we pretend to have no answers.